Picword - The Picture Password

Simple and modern way of logging in to your computer

Download for Windows XP/7/8

Best free picture password for your PC

Soon to be available for Mac OS X, Linux and Android

Picword is a simple app that allows you to log in to your PC in a new and modern fashion. Your goal is to lock the screen once by putting targets on the selected picture. Targets can be Single click, Long click and Connect. All of these are self-explanatory and intuitive. If a user cannot unlock his computer, a pin number is provided for removing the Picword. As this is not an ordinary login system, users can create numerous combinations of targets, i.e. a good practice is to put targets on people's faces, eyes, noses or other easily recognizable body parts.

It uses Java runtime and some other free libraries, all combined together in one intuitive and easy-to-use product for logging in to your computer. Picword is meant for all types of users, no age or other restrictions.

Download for Windows XP/7/8